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Accidental Slashdotting

I released a side project last weekend and it was featured on the front page of Slashdot on Monday.

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Recharge You Batteries

If you don't recharge your batteries, you'll run slow and not work very well.

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How To Get Hired At A Career Fair

I spent two days at a college career fair this week. Very few of the students stood out. Here's my thoughts on how a student could have hit a home run at that career fair.

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Bootstrapping a new Rails app with Ruby 1.9, Rails 3, Rspec and Cucumber

I walk through the steps to create a new Rails app, using Ruby 1.9, Rails 3, Rspec and Cucumber.

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Really Expensive Bow

Adding blinking LEDs to the bow on a gift.

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Ghetto Sous Vide Rig

For less than $50 in parts, I built a controller that let me use my crock pot for sous vide cooking.

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